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The influential band, BEACH FOSSILS, painted dreams when they performed at The Ottobar, an intimate venue, on Sunday, November 26th, 2023, for their “Bunny” album release tour. Thanks to Travis Trautt, BEACH FOSSILS’ Tour Photographer, VASH Zine’s editor-in-chief, Karly Maroney, captured last night’s performance to feature them in ISSUE #01.

The band was very connected with the fans, especially since the venue is so close-knit that the audience could dance to their favorites just like they were on stage with them. However, one fan in particular stood out from the rest, as he was actually invited on stage to perform alongside the talented group.

Aindriú Payne-Lindross de la Croix, brought a sign that read, “CAME FROM CHARLOTTE PLAY GENERATIONAL SYNTHETIC," which is a song from their "Clash of Truth" album, released in 2013. 10 years ago!

This caught my attention from the balcony, so good thing he was standing next to our art director, Michael Smith, whom I texted promptly asking him to point the sign my way to be featured in the zine. Little did I know, this fan would be taking the stage, which made the crowd go wild.

He mustered up the courage to get on stage, but he rocked it out even though afterward he said, “he didn’t know what he was doing.” Why is it that we musicians who “don’t know how to play” can create such a connection with the audience and still make noise that sounds good?

Well, the “Godmother of Punk” talked about this back in 1975 when she interviewed live at the Cirque Royal for a TV feature in Belgium on 10/12/1976, which I was able to listen to on Youtube thanks to “Gazely Gaze”. You can watch their full video, HERE.

Patti Smith shared, “It’s’s like, I play guitar, you know…my improvisation is I pick up my guitar and I play it. And I can’t play guitar…but what I do is, I get into a groove and I just believe you know, I just pick up my guitar and I get all my confidence from the people and I just play. I just get into a rhythm and I play…it’s just believing in something.”

Well, you could feel the energy that the 19-year-old musician had and that he believed in something enough to get up there, despite his heart racing and his shakiness. To me, that’s how you know what you’re doing is worthwhile. A friend shared that perspective with me a few years ago and it helps me get the courage to perform myself, to talk to people, to take photos, to put myself "out there."

Aindriú told us he’s actually looking to start a band, and his inspirations come from Sonic Youth, The Cure, The Smiths, The Strokes, Blur, Wild Nothing, Led Zeppelin, and of course, Beach Fossils. We’re going to jam soon, so you might catch more of him in our band, Hush Velvet.

At the end of the night, we got the opportunity to meet with Jack Doyle Smith, Beach Fossils bassist, who shared some insight on their tour so far. They really liked how intimate the Ottobar is, but they had a full-circle moment when playing last night.

During the set, the members mentioned that Jack actually opened for Beach Fossils back in 2011 at the Ottobar in another band. Then they performed “Adversity,” which was played during that previous tour.

The Beach Fossils even signed Andrew’s guitar after the show and a fellow fan who initially received a set list gave it to the courageous musician, which shows the kind and encouraging community the Beach Fossils have created through their music, at least in the crowd of Baltimore’s show.

I mentioned to Jack this was my 2019 dream coming to life, which he agreed for himself, too. I discovered indie rock music around that time and have fond memories of playing their music when I graduated high school, went on an East Coast tour myself with a few other bands, and really just chased my dreams. Now here I was, making my dreams a reality.

As an artist, you can’t rush the creative process, but when the time is right to make what it is that’s inside you, you’ll know. So always remember to trust that feeling when the time does come. You never know who you could meet, what could happen, or just what person may believe in you. Thanks for reading, and again, thank you Beach Fossils for your inspiration.


Karly Maroney

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