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VASH is looking for talented independent bands to feature online and in our upcoming printed publication. Currently, Karly Maroney (VASH founder) who is based out of Baltimore, MD, and Ben Larson (contributing writer) from the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan are scouting bands to connect with and share their music, their stories, and let the world know just who they are.


Karly is a well-connected photographer, capturing images in a unique pop-punk black-and-white art style. Check out her photography website. Ben is a humorous and inspirational writer who challenges his creativity and follows his aspirations while connecting with the world and his community. 

Interviews can be in-person, virtual, or written, which will be determined by the interviewer.


Please reach out to us if you would like to add on any additional services, such as:

  • Band portraits

  • Styling

  • Concert Photography

  • Flyers

  • Music Videos

  • Live Audio Recordings

  • Cover Art


We will be in touch should we wish to move forward with your interview.

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